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Michael Richman and his team have curated a collection including furnishings, rugs, linens, accessories and art that at once complement and heighten the apartments at the Sinclair. Luxury rental living at its finest. We’ve attended furniture and gift shows across the country culling out the best and we’ve scoured the catalogs of some of our favorite manufacturers. And when the item we were looking for didn’t exist, we created it specifically for the Sinclair. The Sinclair collection was assembled for its beauty, functionality and adherence to budget. Additionally, we made sure that all items would be available and in stock or, at a minimum, have short lead times.

You don't have to wait to love where you live.

To simplify the entire process we have transformed our curated collection into an online catalog resource for easy and convenient order placement. You can order an entire room or make selections a la carte. And we take credit cards! Our collection has been crafted specifically for the Sinclair and not just the two bedroom units. We have created floor plans for every unit and can work with you to understand how our selected furnishings can adapt to any space whether at the Sinclair or another location. We hope you will enjoy the innovative designs featured on our website and that you will find something unexpected, either for your home or as a gift.

We thank you for your interest in our products and look forward to helping you design your next space, Nicole, Erin and Michael (The RStudio Home Team)

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